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Red Nose Day

Red Nose launch day

26th Jan 2015

  Today is the official launch day of Red Nose day 2015! I have signed up to the Red Nose Day Danceathon on the 8th March – This means I will be putting all my Macarena, Cha Cha Slide and Frozen ‘Let it go’ twirling with the kids to full use …. for 6 hours…. […]

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Ellie Kelly

The word for 2015

22nd Jan 2015

I haven’t set any new year’s resolutions this year. To be honest I never do. I always take stock of the business and make some plans for the year head. What I want to change, what I like, what would make me more money, give me more time and make me smile more. Not much […]

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Count down to Christmas – 4 weeks to go!

25th Nov 2014

  Hello everyone! Stevie here, making my debut for the Ellie Kelly blog! With Christmas fast approaching I thought it would be cool to make a Christmas themed bucket list! Here at Buttons HQ we have been planning for Christmas since before August (on the hottest day of the year we were sending emails about […]

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Pumpkin Love

14th Oct 2014

  I LOVE a carved pumpkin. Myself and hubby make one each every year and last year I cut my fingers to shreds making holes with a drill bit. We haven’t decided on our theme for this year, no doubt mine will be pretty and hubby’s scary though. Below is his pumpkin from last year. […]

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Big brands on kids food Rant

9th Sep 2014

  I was in Waitrose over the summer doing a mega BBQ shop with the family and about ready to climb into one of the trollies (yes we ended up with two!) and give up when a mum and her daughter who I would say was around 4 caught my attention. They were in search of yogurts […]

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Diet Soda & Mentos Experiment

2nd Sep 2014

  Such an easy and exciting science experiment to do with the kids – just make sure your outside! The reason the soda explodes out of the bottle is called nucleation. Basically the surface of the sweet is coved in thousands of tiny pits (like a tiny moon) and the CO2 can turn to gas […]

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Loom to the Moon

1st Sep 2014

    I recorded this video on Friday morning all ready to be edited and added to the blog today. I’m so sad that the film needs a different introduction. This video is about Loom to the Moon, the wish of a little boy who wanted to make a loom band so long it would reach […]

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Cake Smash

Cake Smash

3rd Jul 2014

  I don’t have a baby to sit in fount of a cake and take cute photos off. If I did, would I? I’m not to sure. The photos are very sweet and it seems like a great moment to capture. Your child on their 1st Birthday (1 whole year old) tucking in to a yummy […]

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