Red Nose launch day

26th Jan 2015


Today is the official launch day of Red Nose day 2015!

I have signed up to the Red Nose Day Danceathon on the 8th March – This means I will be putting all my Macarena, Cha Cha Slide and Frozen ‘Let it go’ twirling with the kids to full use …. for 6 hours…. at Wemberly!

I am a part of the Team Honk team which in it’s is very exciting. Team Honk has been raising money in amazing ways for the last three years and I have donated each and every time but never been able to juggle work so that I could get involved.

I found out about this Danceathon some months ago and have had it in the dairy every since determined to be party of the team this year. Tanya, Penny & Annie (Team Honk founders) are gathering 500 people to going the team and we will be dancing along side 1,500 other at Wemberly.

If you donate to Red Nose day please, please send your donation this way! I will need all your amazing kindness and words of support to get me though.

This is one of the reasons Tanya, Penny & Annie have been in Kenya this weekend visiting all the mazing projects that Red Nose day has been helping. David Walliams is with them and will also be sharing lots on the people he is meeting and the projects donation like yours go to help.

The ladies have sent me some photos with stories they have heard on their visit, I wanted to share this particular story with you as it found it so inspiring.

These photos are from Kisumu Youth Football Association project. This organisation receives support from Comic Relief, that is used to provide mentoring for vunerable girls, some of which are orphaned, from low income families or living in slums.


Red Nose Day

‘Thanks to this project supported by Comic Relief I now know I have a right to education’ Shamera, age 14 #lastingchange

Red Nose Day

‘For many of these kids, football is the only happy time in their weeks’ Kevin, KYFA, speaks about the effects of support #lastingchange

Red Nose Day

‘Thanks to this mentoring project Ida, orphaned after the death of both parents, secured orphanage accommodation & schooling’ #lastingchange


Please share these stories with others and use the #lastingchange to show people what amazing things can be achieved with team work, laughter and a little help.

If you would like to join me and Team Honk on the 8th March follow this link to read more. But remember to join the Team Honk team via the sign up page.





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