Cake Smash

3rd Jul 2014


I don’t have a baby to sit in fount of a cake and take cute photos off. If I did, would I?

I’m not to sure. The photos are very sweet and it seems like a great moment to capture. Your child on their 1st Birthday (1 whole year old) tucking in to a yummy cake and having fun.

I think it’s only a question I could answer when I do have a one year old. My practical ‘everything in a line’ side says “but it’s it way to sweet and wont they make them selves sick” and oh my the mess but, then I remember that I work with kids every week and we get in a mess and I don’t care. Also I’m sure if babies eat sweet apple in a jar they can cope with cake.

Have you done a cake smash for you little one? Did they love it?

I would love to think that William and Kate will be setting one up for little Prince George!

Cake Smash

Fab Cake Smash pic’s from Pintrest, from left to right.

Fuzzy Cheeks Boutique

Jill Serrano Photography

Liz Anne Photography







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