The Smartie race game

10th May 2013


I have talked on this blog before about suitable party games for different ages, you can read more here and here. In these posts I have talked about games for the over 7’s and tweens such as Mummy Wrap, Lace Race, Hoola hoop challenge and the Smartie race.

Today is all about the Smartie race and I will be explaining each one in more details over the next few months.


Smartie Race


What you need:

  • Three/ four tubes of Smarties
  • Two cups
  • Two plates or bowls
  • A straw for each child
  • A whistle
  • A group of children ready for fun

Split the children into two teams (TIP: don’t let them pick teams as it will take ages and someone will get upset) I tap the children on the heads and give them a colour, Yellow to one side of the room and Greens to the other. You then need to ask them to sit in a line, one behind the other with the two teams along side each other.

Fill each cup with one or two packets of Smarties (TIP: the older the better they will be and the more Smarties you will need) then place the cups next to the bowl or plate at the front of each line.

Each child then needs to be given a straw with the instructions not to chew or bend it.

The aim of the game is for each team to get as many Smarties from the cup to the plate/bowl only using the straws. They need to suck the Smarties onto the end of the straw and move them over.

When the whistle goes the first person will move us and keep going until the whistle goes again, the next in line will then have there turn and do the same. This goes one with everyone cheering on there team mates until everyone has had a go.

You then need to gather the children around to count the Smarties up and see who the winning team is.

The kids LOVE this game, it can be loud but it’s always tons of fun.


Have a great weekend everyone

Ellie 🙂


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