Water games for the summer

13th Jul 2015



It’s not so hot and bright today but what lovely weather we have been having. If your planning a garden party I have some top games perfect to cool the kids down. I loved a water balloon fight when I was younger but what I remember most about it was the time it took to fill the things up. Boring! Some water based games that don’t need quite as much prep are:


The classic sprinkler – to keep it interesting give the children different ways to get though the water spray. Like a crab, hopping, flying ect

Water guns – and to stop it turning into an all out war, try using them in a game of stuck in the mud. Get wet and your stuck.

Bucket filling game – at one end of the garden you have two full buckets of water and at the other two empty ones. The two teams have to race to move the water from one to the other using a small cup.

Water slide – We used to create a make sift slides with tarpaulin from the garage and fairy liquid but you can even buy water slides for the garden now such as the one below from Party Pieces for £29.99

water slide

Paddling pool bubbles – make up enough bubble mixture to fill the bottom of a paddling pool and then place a hoola hoop in the solution before someone stands in the middle of it. Slowly lift the hoop upwards to create a bubble that surrounds the person in the middle. (95% water, 3% washing liquid & 2% glycerine)

Sponge bombs – replace the water bombs with sponges. Simples! Here is a how to video on how to make sponge bombs. Its very easy.


Enjoy the sun everyone!


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