How to pick a child’s party venue

16th Feb 2018


You don’t know what you don’t know.

So, when it comes to planning a child’s party, if you haven’t done it before then there is a whole lot to learn and I hope this post helps when picking a venue.

Home –

I think your home is a lovely option for younger children and smaller parties with older children such as our Chocolate and pamper parties. It saves on hall hire and lugging all the food, decorations ect in and out of the car 4 times. It does add a bit of pressure to get the house ready and tidy up at the end but if that doesn’t bother you and parking won’t be an issue around your home then maybe this is the option. If you have an entertainer they might ask you to move any toys out of the space so the children don’t get distracted.

Village or Church Hall – 

There are tons and tons of these around to hire. Some a lot nicer than others. I really would do some research and if there are no photos go and take a look before you book one. Top thing to look out for: parking, use of a kitchen, fridge, kettle ect, do you have to take all the rubbish away with you, is it clean, when can you get access and do they have a contact on the day in case you need them (I have seen locked out with parents who can’t access the hall one more than one occasion). For a two-hour party book at least 3.5 hours so you have one hour to set up, 2 for the party and 30 minutes to pack away. Prices start from £40 for 4 hours and can go to to £150.

Soft Play – 

If you are looking for an all under one room party, then this might be the option for you. They will normally provide food, a private room to eat and access for all the kids and adults in one package. Things to think about are similar to the hall list with parking and cleanliness but also ask about how busy it might be, will there be room for the parents if they stay, access to drinks, when do they need final numbers, can you bring you own cake and decorations.

Something a bit different – 

You could also look at hiring an outside space in a park, a local woodland, the beach, golf or rugby club, leisure centre, riding stables, restaurant.

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