No superwoman here

1st Jul 2013


I’m afraid it’s true. I hoped it wasn’t but hayho.

I am not super woman.


from superwoman syndrome blog

from superwoman syndrome blog

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Some times when you have lots of balls in the air you need to pop one of them on the floor for a little bit and pick it up later when the wind has stopped blowing.

This is what I have had to do with blogging for the past few weeks. As some of you may have read Buttons is now two years old and June was our busiest month to date. When running your own business there are always going to be things that stress you out. Mine are not being able to get back to emails, voice message or enquiries quickly, forgetting to write something on my to do list and then inevitably forgetting to do it, not making time for family and friends, not pushing the company forward and a big one for me, not being as prepared as possible for our parties. This really gets to me and if I don’t have all lists ready and jobs planned in the run up to a party (or weekend of them) I get a bit stressed out.

So in order to ensure I didn’t drop any balls over the last few weeks I had to admit I cant do it all and put the blog down.

I am however back, and I hope (July isn’t exactly quite) to be back in my Monday, Wednesday & Friday flow for the foreseeable future.

I’m going to get back into the swing of things on Wednesday by  launching an exciting competition! There will be two winners and two prizes and I’m pretty excited about it.

The competition details will go live on this blog, my twitter free @buttonsparties and the facebook page on Wednesday.

See you then!



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