Did we win? Kind of!

12th Jun 2013


As some of you might have seen *little cough* Buttons was nominated for a What’s on 4 Junior award and I was asking for votes to see if we could get to the short list of three.

Well the votes are in, but I’m sorry to say we did not make it 🙁  The three shortlisted companies are Enjoy-a-Ball, Gymboree & Jo Jingles. A big well done to them all.

Every cloud…. and so I wanted to share with you an email I received from the What’s on 4 team and also some emails from my lovely clients.

I popped What’s on 4 a email to see if they could tell me how we did even though we didn’t make the top three and this is the email I got back, which made me feel quite good and very lucky to have such lovely clients who took the time to place a vote.

“You did very well for a company in only a small part of the UK… Buttons Children’s Parties came 16th out of the 76 companies through to the voting stage. You received 92 votes and actually came higher in the votes than some national party providers such as…..(I have deleted this bit). Well done, here’s to 2014..”

16th out of 76!  I’m ok with that 🙂  


These emails made me so happy, thank you.


“I Voted for you, fingers crossed. Let us know how you do.  You still produce a wonderful experience for children and parents alike – regardless of the outcome” Amanda Pyne

“Good Luck” Melia Clapton

“Good luck with the Best Children Entertainment award. I have cast my vote for you!” Annelize Maritz

“I had voted already and really hope you win, as you deserve!” Nikki Fabris


If you sent me an email and I have not included it I’m so sorry. I have way to many emails in my inbox!

What shall we try for next then?!



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  1. Well done Ellie, well deserved!

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