Elsie Button

Toy Clearance – very good therapy!

12th Sep 2012

  Having both children at home during the 6 week summer holidays has been great fun, but it has also made me realise how many toys they have.  I feel like I have spent almost the entire time clearing up after them. I have been feeling completely overwhelmed with the stuff in our house, so […]

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Guest Blog from Elsie Button

11th Jul 2012

  At 37 years old and two pregnancies later, I am feeling wobbly, and droopy, and don’t feel that confident about the way I look. So I now channel all my efforts into making my girls look nice. Having two daughters, I get lots of chances to dress them up; weddings, kids’ parties, christenings, even […]

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Jubilee Cake

Our non-Jubilee celebrations!

13th Jun 2012

  I had to reach a bit of a compromise with my anti-royals husband Tom, about the Jubilee celebrations. I am by no means a royalist, but I do think to be involved in such a landmark occasion is really rather important for the children.  It is a celebration that they will probably remember forever.  […]

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Summer Parties and the Great British Weather

26th Apr 2012

  I took my girls to a birthday party at the end of March.  All the kids sat round a large picnic table in the garden eating their jelly and ice-cream, and wearing t-shirts and shorts.  They played hide and seek in amongst the hedges and bushes, they even had the paddling pool out. I […]

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Introducing Elsie Button

25th Apr 2012

  I am very excited to introduce our guest blogger Elsie Button, who will be sharing her stories of family life on every month. I knew I was going to call my company Buttons around a year before I started it, so when I came across Flower Fairies and Fairy Cakes and Elsie, it […]

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