Summer Parties and the Great British Weather

26th Apr 2012


I took my girls to a birthday party at the end of March.  All the kids sat round a large picnic table in the garden eating their jelly and ice-cream, and wearing t-shirts and shorts.  They played hide and seek in amongst the hedges and bushes, they even had the paddling pool out.

I sat back basking in the sun, sipping my elderflower cordial, and admired the relaxed nature of this party.  I began to plan my own daughter’s impending third birthday party in my head; homemade ice lollies, pretty bunting strung up in the trees, picnic blankets, fun, energetic games, and a BBQ.  And all this would be down on the river bank below our house – perfect!

However, I was rudely brought back down to earth when I heard another mum saying: ‘It’s supposed to be getting much much colder again next week, there is even talk of snow.’

This is a problem we face living in the UK, we are never really able to plan for a party outside, at any time of the year.  My eldest daughter’s birthday is in November so this is always an inside affair, but with my youngest’s being at the end of April, we could be in a heatwave or knee deep in snow.

For the previous two years it hasn’t really been an issue because we haven’t thrown a party for our soon-to-be three year old.  However this year she has made it clear that she is most definitely having a party.  Specifications so far include a homemade Peppa Pig cake (which has thrown up a whole load of other anxieties for me), pass the parcel, party bags, green jelly, and Peppa Pig herself is to be in attendance.

So erring on the side of caution I will plan for the party to be inside. I will get on the blower to Peppa Pig to check she is free.   I will spend hours scrupulously cleaning and tidying the house, hide anything valuable, and then watch on in horror as my home becomes a sticky bomb site.

However, if we happen to be in another mini heatwave in the days leading up to her birthday, I will breath a huge sigh of relief.  I will really go to town, and we will most definitely be partying down by the river…

Elsie Button

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