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30th Apr 2018


I have been talking to lots of mum and dads recently about our adventure story parties. They always want to know more, to understand how they work and to see if they would be suitable for the age group of guests they will have attending the party.

I love talking to parents about all the different party options and especially love the magic of kids and a good story.

So.. here we go.

These parties can be based on any theme you would like. We have fab stories for Pirates, Princesses, Fairies, Superheroes, Unicorns, Mermaids, Paw Patrol, Paddington, Octonauts….. I could go on.

We always start by checking out our strength and both big voices and whispering voices.

Look at those muscles!



This style of party is ideal for children 4-6 years. Children have amazing imaginations at this age and the they just love to add in their own twist to the story.

The bigger the space the better and if there is access to a garden this is also a big plus. It’s a active party option as the children act out all of the story with your party leader. From climbing mountains to running and hiding from baddies to walking over wobbly rope bridges and sailing ships.

The aim is always to find the stolen treasure. This will have been hidden by the entertainer before the children arrive at the party. It could be a treasure chest of gold and gems, a fairy bag of rings and glitter or a themed gift. It’s the birthday child who gets to find the treasure and then of course we always share it around, so everyone gets to take a bit home.

It really is a brilliant entertainment option and tons of fun.

Ellie x


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