Winter Wonderland & Tinkerbell

30th Nov 2012


Last Saturday I had a Winter Wonderland and Tinkerbell party in Amersahm for the lovely little Ava’s 3rd birthday. This party was a real joy to work on. I loved the colours of this theme, crisp blues and silver, greens and white.

Ava’s mum Asha was also a joy to work with, we had lots of chats on the phone about the party to ensure it was just right and Asha kept me up to date via email with the Tinkerbell house Ava and her Cousin were making for the party, as well as what she would be wearing on the big day. As you will see from a photo below she has the most fantastic tutu skirt on.



The tables were dressed with silver and white reindeer, silver platters, baubles and of course snowflake sprinkles. I also created a fairy snow scene with in a cake dome for the centre and the large glass jars were filled with water and later had dry ice added. The white fog that bubbled over the tables was amazing and the joy on the children’s face’s priceless.



The sparkling and scummy mallow pops above were created my Asha and as you can see Ava was busy as well. Look at that concentration, a bit of abracadabra and wand waving and sure enough she magic-ed up a hat!



A cake for the family that was loving made my Asha (up until 1am I believe!) was displayed along with the Tinkerbell house made my Ava and her cousin. The Sweetie Trees were brought along by a family friend who runs a sweetie company called Dream Sweeties and quite literally looked so good you could eat them!



The children all got a slice of this yummy fresh cream cake, I know it was yummy because Asha very kindly sent me home with a goodie bag of food and this inc two slices of cake! Perks of the job 🙂

Asha also made these lovely party bags for the children and sent the parents home with some lovely Christmas bells and gifts to go under the tree for the kids. She really did put a lot of work into the party and I’m so pleased I could help and be part of the day.

I received this lovely text message on Sunday

“Ellie a massive thanks again for Ava’s party. Everyone enjoyed it, even my great aunt. Ave is still singing the hockey cockey non stop. Hope to see you again sometime in the future. Thanks from us all.”






4 Responses to “Winter Wonderland & Tinkerbell”

  1. Oh Ellie that is lovely – magical! Loving the paper straws seriously think we must have been separated at birth!! xx

  2. Liz Burton says:

    Wow very beautiful. Never mind a 3 year old, I’d have been happy with that party!

  3. elliekelly says:

    Thank you Lucy, I cant take credit for thouse paper straws as birthday mum did those, I am a bit of a paper straw fan though! It’s the little things 😉

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