When magic goes wrong

9th Nov 2012


One of my favorite magic tricks I do with the kids is magic-ing up a hat from tissue paper.

It’s a great fun show that the children get involved in. We have a silly multiplying wand, lots of magical words, glitter and of course at the end a party hat appears from scraps of paper!

I don’t want to ruin the magic for any of you, but I just had to tell you what happened to me last weekend.



Everything was just the same. We had 5 wands rather then 1, much to the children’s delight. We had practised our magical words. I had handed out the magical dust to everyone one and we had performed our moves. Now all we needed to do was turn this tissue in to a hat.

I order the magic hats on line (it’s amazing what you can get on the net these days) and they arrived ready for Sundays party. In the past I have ordered different types of hat from different places and in lots of different colours. So when they arrived and where white and black rather than black with silver as I expected I didn’t think twice.

It was only when I shook the tissue paper ready for a hat to fall out that I thought…. Oh Fudge.

Out fell a white shape, not the shape of a hat mind you, No. This was a funny square shape and I knew strait away what I had in my hand.


Yes they do the same tick with a pair of pants! Who wants to magic up pants I don’t know but that’s what this group of 5 year olds had just done.

The kids thought it was hilarius that they had pants instead of a hat!

Before you ask yes the pants did have to go on my head!


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