When and How to Wash Baby Toys

11th May 2017


When Neive really started to play with her toys I thought I better start washing then. I wasnt too sure what to use and how often i should do this so i spent some time on Google and asking friends. I thought it might be helpful to share what i did.

We have a dog, so as well as Nevie slobbering all over the toys they were also going on the floor and picking up dog hair.

I washed her soft toys in warm water with a little bit of hand washing liquid. I did this with one toy to start with and let Neive have it back to ensure she didnt have a reaction to the solution. I have no idea if needed to do this or not as it should have been washed out but i wanted to be safe.

I then washed her hard toys with out batteries in warm water with normal fairy liquid and i wiped all the toys that had batteriesĀ in with anti bac wipes and then a damp cloth. I did check this and Dettol have on their site that that’s fine to do.

I did this every couple of weeks and then again if i took her toys out with us, she had a cold or had other baby friends over. Babies with blocked noses are no fun at all so if you can avoid germs spreading do it.

I did this until Nevie was crawling and putting anything and everything in her mouth (see poor Humpty Dumpty in the photo) as it seemed a bit pointless after that. I now only tend to wash toys that have been in other babies months, out with us or if Neive has been poorly.

We dont have a dishwasher but I know some toys can also go in them as well.



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