What is Decopatch?

20th Apr 2012


I came across Decopatch last year while researching new craft party ideas for Buttons. At first I was not sure what the difference was between this and Decoupage. After some web surfing and reading up of my craft books I am pleased to say I now have the answer and it wasn’t what I was worried it may be (just a less fancy way of saying it).

Decoupage is an 18th century form of decorating items such as furniture, wooden box’s and mirrors. Pictures or patterns were cut from napkins, books, magazines and newspapers and placed on to furniture with varnish. The varnish would be added until the paper looked like part of the item or a fine painting rather than something stuck on. This could take up to 30/40 layers! I know I do not have that patience and I don’t think I could find any child who would think that was the best craft party they had been to.


Decoupage Box

Decoupage Box






















Decoupage Box from Photographicznie

Decopatch on the other hand is a more fun and a less time consuming craft. As pretty as decoupage can be I have to say Yay! All the fun, great results but less layers and time required. This is the prefect craft for children and adults, and can be something done in an hour or you could spend days creating your masterpiece. No scissors are required for decopatch as the beautiful paper can be ripped to size and used on most materials from wood to metal, plastic to paper mache. The papers are nice and thin, colour fast and strong. This makes them perfect for folding around small ears and more than one pattern can be used on the same object creating a really dramatic effect.



Buttons in Decopatch

Buttons in Decopatch





















Decopatch parties are one of my most popular craft parties and if your interested in seeing more keep your eyes peeled for my next blog about Decopatch Craft Parties and what we get up to.





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  1. […] As I mentioned a few weeks ago I got some decopatch materials for Christmas and planned to try them out this year (as an aside, a couple of the other things on that list are either booked or in progress). Someone asked when I wrote that earlier post if decopatch is the same as decoupage? Basically they are very similar but decopatch is less involved. I found this blog entry which explains it in more detail. […]

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