Vintage 80’s party pic’s

19th Nov 2012


I was rummaging though my parents old photo albums on the weekend looking for one very specific photo.  Me in a nurse outfit on one of my birthdays. Lucy from Captured by Lucy is planning her boys doctors and nurses party and I said I would try and dig it out for her.

I didn’t find is sadly but I did come across some other gems!

My mum always home made and themed mine and my older brothers birthday cakes. I don’t have a great memory, but these I remember. I’m sure the inside was always our family favorite chocolate sponge and butter cream (so yummy I can not even tell you) but the outside, well you will see below, came in all shapes and sizes.

Here are a few vintage party photos from my child hood, see I have always loved a party – I’m just not as cute now .

Spot the terrible fringe cutting/chopping. Bowl?….. I’m told not.. hummm


My 1st birthday picnic

Sylvanian family cake a playing the trumpets

Ship cake with candles in the marst

My brothers cakes

Clown party

A pinata before the days of pinata’s

The day I learnt hoola hoop hands!

2 Responses to “Vintage 80’s party pic’s”

  1. Love this, thank you! Your Mum made some extraordinary cakes!!! I will raid my Mums albums this weekend! xx

    • elliekelly says:

      It’s so funny looking at all the old party photos and seeing me & tom do what all the children at my parties do now.
      I must say I want to bring back the paper bag and spoon pinata!

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