Tween Birthday Party Ideas

24th May 2013


If your child is between 8-12 years old (a tween) and knows what he or she wants to do for there next birthday (and fingers crossed it’s not something that is going to bankrupt you) Then hurray!

If however your tween has no idea or simply can not make up there mind, I have 8 Top Tween party themes for you.

I simply love planning parties for this age group, they are of an age when they are starting to really know where their passion is. They love trying new things and learning and are still at an age when they don’t think it’s uncool to have fun.

Every party below you could put together yourself or hire a party planner/ entertainer to put it together for you.


Disco Party

Be it in a hall or a cleared out living room you first have to set the scene. Dim the lights and get some disco balls on. Next the play list, your child will most certainly want to be in charge of this and at Buttons we always ask for a play list from the birthday child to ensure they have the best tunes to dance to. As much as we all love a good dance, this party will need some fun team games mixed in to ensure everyone is having a great time. Games such as the chocolate game, lace race, mummy wrap and silly relay are all perfect.

Movie Party

Be it the twilight saga or the latest romance or action film get the hot dogs on and the pop corn popping.  Host it in your living room, project it on a wall outside or hire a cinema. You can get some great movie style printables to help bring the theme to life such as pop corn boxes, invites and rating cards.

Popcorn printables

Photo from Etsy

Spa/ Pamper Party

A lovely relaxing, gossip filled party for the girls. Stations are a great idea so everyone has something to do at the same time. A nail bar, hair styling station and face mask area all work really well. For the venue, create a chill out space with blankets, cushions and piles of magazines on the floor . For party food have smoothies, fruit platters and of course some naughty treats.

Chocolate Making Party

This has fast become one of Buttons most popular Tween parties. We start with a mini quiz and of course some chocolate taste tests. It’s then time to temper, create and decorate giant chocolate buttons before rolling some truffles and coating them in coco and dipping them in chocolate. We add in a great mix of team party games to end and everyone gets to take there bag of chocolate home.

kids chocolate party


Photo Booth Party

Set up a few different booths with themes such as pirates, rock star & western. You need a back drop for each one and then a box of props. Let the children create their own scenes and take their own photos. Each child can then have a group shot as a party gift and memento.

Pizza Making Party

You can go to pizza restaurant for this, I have done pizza making with the kids at Pizza express before and they had a great time. You can also do this at home with home made pizza bases and a yummy selection of toppings. Personalised aprons are a fab take home gift for this party.

Day Out

Keep the list of friends to around 3 for this one. Taking a small group of them to the big city for lunch and a bit of sight seeing will be a day to remember and very exciting. I remember going up to London with my mum and one or two friends every year when my mum had to plan her schools trips to the science museum. We would go to Ed’s Dinner for lunch and walk around the city, I have great memories of those days out.

Ed's Easy Dinner

Craft/ Art Party

An Art theme party could be anything from a drawing lessons, to ceramic painting, Bath bombs to making fascinators. If your up for the challenge, you can find how to’s for this type on thing on line. If this sounds a bit much though, companies like mine can come in and look after everything for you, so you can sit back and enjoy the great moments.


If Buttons Children’s Parties can help you plan the perfect Tween party just give us a call on 07743896987 or email me at

Have a great weekend everyone!




4 Responses to “Tween Birthday Party Ideas”

  1. Mel says:

    Great, age appropriate ideas! I find cheerleader themed parties are popular with girls in this age group. The girls can make their own cheers, dress up, make pom poms, and have plenty of fun and jumping around.

  2. These birthday party themes will have our kids thinking us rock…these party ideas will help in making a tweens birthday party super fantastic.

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