To be a Princess or not to be a Princess

14th Jan 2013


That is the question.

Today I’m blogging about something that happened at my party yesterday and got me thinking on the way home. One of the mums at the party came and asked for my card at the end. She said she loved the party and had three girls. Fantastic.

However, she then asked If I would dress as a Princess. I went silent for a bit while I decided what to say, she even offered to get the costume for me. My answer had to be no however. I think I may have come across a bit blunt so tried to explain my reasoning to her. I’m not sure it was as clear as I would have hoped.

Because if this and because it’s been playing on my mind I thought I would write it down the reasons here.

I used to work for a children’s party company many years ago that specialsed in character parties where the entertainers dressed up. I have been Belle, Aerial, Snow White, Cinderella… you get the picture. I loved the parties and the magic they created but I have to say the dressing up was never a favorite bit. The dresses got in the way of the games, I had to pretend to be someone else the whole time, it took ages to get ready, the wigs were a pain and some of the dresses most unfaltering! Due to this my love for the parties faded a bit towards the end.

This is the reason that when I set up Buttons I decided I would not offer themed entertainers or characters. I know there is a market for it and some may question the sanity of a new company turing down work.  I did think long and hard about it though and knew that if I went down the route of dressing up I would not enjoy my work as much as I do now. In fact I know I would dread the parties that I had to dress up for. The whole reason I started Buttons was my love for the work so that was no way to go.

I am however very happy to pop on a pair of fairy wings, tiara or pirate hat 🙂 I also am happy to dress as an elf at Christmas. To me an elf at Christmas is a must, and its only one month. Plus I get to pick the outfit and I only get the girls to dress in outfits I would be happy to dress in. I was quite proud of our elf clothes this year and the whole team loved the cute skirts.


Christmas elves


My princess and mermaid days and well and truly behind me and I’m OK with that, even If I miss out on a few bookings due to it.







2 Responses to “To be a Princess or not to be a Princess”

  1. Well I don’t know about the older girls but, to be honest, all the parties we’ve been to that have had themed entertainers have all bit a bit hit and miss — one poor girl at a buzz lightyear party was positively quaking with fear in the kitchen of the town hall the party was held in & it took my little girl about 45 mins to join in. I think younger children can just get completely overwhelmed by it (a bit like taking a little one to see Santa Claus). Much better to theme the venue & let the little ones dress up. Helps children trust you to know you are exactly what you appear to be. My two pence worth 🙂 X

    • elliekelly says:

      That’s a good point Rhianna. As you said I think when they are a bit older it doesn’t bother them as much I do remember that the younger ones could be quite unsure about me when I dressed up and it took them a while to warm up to the party.
      I love just getting to be me at parties 🙂

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