Tips for children’s garden parties

8th Apr 2015



I had my first 2015 outside party in the sun yesterday!

I LOVE garden parties and getting to work in the sun is bliss. Over the years we have had some really scorching days working outside. I remember one day last year I had 45 minuets at home between bookings and I had to have a cold shower I was so hot.


Outside parties


Below are some party planning tip for outside celebrations.

Plan B – If your planning on hosting the party in you garden ensure you have room in your house you are also happy to use if the weather is bad. Talk to your entertainers to see how much space they need and then you evaluate if this is an option.

Shade – As well as planning for bad weather we also have to plan for amazing weather. During a two hour party on a lovely sunny day children will also need some shade especially younger children. A large tree or gazebo are both fine and you entertainers will be able to mix the activities so the children get some lovely sun and but also some quite time in the shade.

A Hall or Venue – If you would rather not host the party at your home then look for a hall with a garden or field attached. There are quite a few around and this option can eliminate any stress or the need for a plan B as your entertainers can use the most appropriate space on the day.

Drinks – Ensure you have a jug of water or juice to hand on really hot days as the children may need to stop before or after party food time. You can also have little bottles for the children but these are more likely to get abandoned during the party and then no one knows who’s is who’s.

Party food – This is the perfect time of year to host a picnic on the grass. You can serve food in food boxes or have a table set up with platters so the children can help themselves. I would recommend food boxes for this style of party as it reduces food waste and although the prep can take a bit longer it stops food sliding of plates as the children try and carry a fully loaded plate and drink across the garden. On a windy day it also stops plates blowing away!


Have you hosted a garden party for your child and do you have any top tips?






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