They grow up so fast

25th Jan 2013


Hi Everyone,

I have been a bit lax on blogging this week, in fact I have been a bit lax in everything this week. Apologies to all the people who it took me a bit longer than normal to get back to via email and phone.

There was a good reason for my time away from the computer however. I went over to Ireland on Monday with Mr Kelly to see the Kelly’s (his side of the family) and got back last night.

Marks Mum & Sister live in Northern Ireland and his sister is married and has 4 children. We only get to see them a couple of times a year which is rubbish but it’s always so lovely when we do.

The kids grow up so fast its unreal. There is Evan who is 14 on Monday (happy birthday!), Mathew who is 8, Ellyis who is 5 and Marcy who is 2 and a half. We have not been over for a year and a half (eeek) but we did see Marcy and Mathew last September when they came over to say. Even then they had all changed so much.

I got 4 days to do some of the things I would love to do as an auntie all the time. Help them with home work, buy them a new book and snuggle on the sofa to read it to them, play games and go bowling. They are fantastic kids (no way I’m having 4 though) and I’m looking forward to the next visit.




Buttons has some great parties this weekend so I’m off to get bits read for them. I will have a new blog on Monday, have a great weekend everyone.


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