The Ring of Hope

18th Oct 2013


I heard an amazing story yesterday.

It came from a friend of mine who runs her own training company and with whom I meet up with every few weeks for a good business brainstorm. Her brother volunteered his time to help the Cancer Research UK, New Children’s Shop in Petersfield, Hampshire. They asked him to deliver some flyers around the town but the same night he lay awake thinking “I can do better then that surely”.

So the next day and all of this week he has been pulling together an event that aims to smash a world record, raise money, awareness and encourage people to Stand up to Cancer.

On the 20th October (yes this Sunday) 2000 people will gather at the Plump Duck in Petersfield to create the biggest ring of roses EVER!  There is a band, the council have been involved and I even hear and helicopter will be flying over head and filming it all.

And all of this as well and the video below and the website has been organised and set up within the last few days. Just amazing.

I have parties all day on Sunday but would have loved to be party of such a great course.

I hope that if you don’t have plans you and your family will head over for 10am to be part of something truly special.

This is the website for all the information The Ring of Hope

And this is a video filmed for the event by some great girls.



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  1. Kay says:

    We booked Buttons for our weddidng on Saturday 5th October. Stevie came along and had lots of entertainment for the children including games, glitter tattoos, and balloons. She was fantastic and had the Children entertained during the Champagne Reception and starters. All the children were raving about her and parents were happy to be free to enjoy the wedding. A massive thank you and would definately use again. Sunny & Kay

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