The Female Entrepreneurs Association

7th Aug 2013





If you have not heard of the FEA it is a online site and fantastic magazine full of inspiration stories by women who started and now run their own companies. It was created by Carrie Green and also has lots of helpful advice and information on how to improve your skills and keep you up to date with what going on in the world of business.

I have been reading the magazines for around 9 months now and love dipping in to the site every so often to see what’s going on. The Motivation Monday post this week was great, if your in business and love being inspired you should take a look here!

They share lots of real stories and while ago while reading though some of them I decided to submit mine. It was pretty simple as they have lots of links and questions to really get you thinking. On Monday I got an email to say it had been selected and was live. A nice email for a Monday.

If you would like to see it just follow this link.




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