The day I fell in love with a paper plate

10th Sep 2012


After almost 6 years in the children’s party business I have seen my fair share of party plates, cups, napkins and table cloths.  I cant really say I paid much attention to them though.

Most are nice, fit a theme and do the job, but I wasn’t inspired by any of the designs. That was until earlier this year when I was booked for an Adventure story party at a house in Hartley Whitney, Surrey.

The house was stunning, my type of house. A wooden bench in the hall covered with lovely cushions and underneath and a row of mini shoes. There were big fire places, cosy sofas and throws and lots of light pouring in though the windows. It was cute, welcoming and so unique to the owners.

When I walked into the dinning room where the children were to have there party food on picnic rugs on the floor I think I fell in love. The design on the party plates, cups, napkins and party bags was so cute and like nothing I had seen before.

It was a busy party and I did not get time to ask the party mum where she got it all 🙁  I did not stop looking on the Internet when I get home and eventually found the range on not on the high street.

If you have not heard of them already, It is my pleasure to introduce you to Belle and Boo.


How cute

Belle & Boo cups and napkins


Treat Time Cart and Cake Frill & Toppers


As well as the lovely party bits above Belle & Boo also has homeware, clothing books and art. I urge you to take a look at the site if you like the above.

Thank you Belle & Boo, I always smile when I see you lovely products.

Hear is to many more lovely nostalgic children’s partyware pieces.




2 Responses to “The day I fell in love with a paper plate”

  1. Robin says:

    Ellie, thank you so much! You have made us blush a little here at B&B HQ. That sounds like a really lovely party indeed, I bet it was a lot of fun. Your blog is lovely and breezy, it’s a real pleasure to find ourselves here…

    • elliekelly says:

      Hi Robin,
      You are so welcome. The party was great, It’s not a bad job playing games & having fun! Thank you for your kind words about the blog, I love the Belle & Boo range so I’m sure they will feature again 🙂

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