Eye Spy….The Bubblegum Balloon Girls

16th Aug 2013


I use social media a lot, both for business and as a way to stay in touch with what’s going on and what everyone is up to.

I follow people from all over the world and in some cases I can tell where they are based from their language, e.g I follow a few people who use y’all. The festivities taking place also give me a hint. Every year I get confused when my time line is full of mothers day ideas in May when we celebrate it around March time in the UK.

It was a surprise to me to learn that one company that I have been following on Twitter is based just down the road! Bubblegum Balloons is run by Laura, Meg and Sally, or collectively as the Bubblegum Girls.


Laura, Meg & Sally

Laura, Meg & Sally


They have know each other for over 20 years (how lovey to work with your friends) and started Bubblegum Balloons over a glass of wine at the start of the year. They took their love of balloons and creative flare and tuned it into a business that is flying high (sorry, had to be done).

I love balloons, so it’s no surprise that I love what these ladies are doing. The giant balloons are a real show stopper and I cant wait to get a styling booking that I can use them for. Then you have the clear, filled balloons that can be delivered in a box to someone special. Both types have stunning handmade tails and would be ideal for every type of celebration, from children’s parties to weddings and christening to a special photo-shoot.





Once I discovered Bubblegum Balloons are based in Fleet (via the lovely Cake Kit) I popped them a tweet and then myself and Sally had a nice chat on the phone about balloons, parties and starting a business.

I popped the girls over a few questions so you can hear from them in their own words:


  • What’s the best bit about working with your friends? The best thing about working with friends, and working for ourselves, is we all have the same goal in mind. It is hard work and can get stressful so it’s great to have someone there you can trust to make you laugh when you need it!
  • Do you hand make all the balloon decorations? Yes all of our tails are hand made (even the huge ones!) the balloons are hand filled with confetti and the garlands we make are hand made too. 
  • Where is your go to place for inspiration? The three of us come up with the best ideas when we are together with a glass of wine! We bounce ideas around and it works…
  • Where do you see Bubblegum Balloons in 5 years time? Doing what we are doing but bigger! 🙂 We are learning more about the business and how we can grow it every day. New ideas are always taking us in a different direction. We love the twitter interaction and facebook too…it shows you how easily word can spread. We try hard to let people know about us, so who knows what the next big project will be?!
  • What is the most exciting job you have had? We have recently worked with L’Oreal, Givenchy and Nivea to launch new products. Both were very exciting projects and both re-confirmed again why we believe in our product so strongly.


Have a fab weekend everyone, I am nice and busy with a Team Fun & Games party, Hawaiian Party and Chocolate making!

Ellie 🙂




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