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19th Aug 2013


So today is all about Sarah 🙂

Sarah joined the team this year  but has already had some amazing feedback from clients.. Sarah lets you in on how we met in just a moment but I have to say I was thrilled when she said she wanted to join Buttons. I knew she would be amazing and a real asset to the team. Sarah is a teacher during the week and this role means she is a superstar at keeping the children engaged and having fun no matter the number or age.





Hello everyone! Here’s a bit about me and how I met Ellie and became part of team Buttons.

I come from a family of teachers so I guess it was only natural for me to follow in their footsteps.  Although I often get asked how I have the energy for children’s parties on top of working in the classroom all week my reply is always the same – I love my jobs! I love being able to see the children having fun at a party, playing games together and making them laugh. To me the most rewarding part is knowing they’ve had a great birthday by the smiles on their faces at the end.  I also like knowing the parents have been able to enjoy the party too and not had the stress of providing and running the entertainment as well as everything else!

It’s through my work in the classroom that I first met Ellie; we were both LSA’s at a school and bonded over a rather unfortunate incident whilst trying to move a huge stack of books which needless to say ended up on a heap on the floor and us in fits of giggles. It was Ellie who first introduced me to Children’s Parties and when I found out she had started her own Children’s Parties business I jumped at the chance to work with her at Buttons!

My experiences of the parties so far have been so rewarding. I’ve loved learning all the different types of parties available and how no two are ever the same.  One of my favourite events recently was working at the Festival of Speed. Not only was it an incredible event to be involved in, but all the families who visited us said how impressed they were with the company ethos and the team in general. It made me very proud to be a part of something very special!


Have a great Monday 🙂



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