Team Buttons – Laura Jane

2nd Oct 2013


Todays blog is all about Laura Jane 🙂

Laura Jane started with Buttons at the start of this year and jumped straight in, she is full of enthusiasm and picked up balloon modelling really quickly. We threw her in at the deep end with her first party being our Farm/Barn party where we were outside in a marquee on a very, very cold day! But she was back for more and with her kind and encouraging way with the children I’m delighted to have her on the team.


Laura Jane

Laura Jane


I started working for Ellie at Buttons in April this year – so I’m still relatively new to Buttons.  Although working with Ellie has been the first time I have worked as a party entertainer I have been teaching and working with children for over 11 years.  I trained graduated from a three year acting and musical theatre course in 2008 and after working as a professional performer for several years I decided to hang up my dancing shoes and concentrate on my teaching as I soon realised this was my TRUE passion!  I had generally worked with older children aged 7-18 until 2012 when I started teaching the early years (aged 3-6) and I LOVED it!!! I get so excited watching and encouraging their imaginations they are always inspiring me and astound me at just how much they can take on.  So at the beginning of the year I decided that I wanted to do more work with children so I applied to Ellie to work for her as a party entertainer.  I really adore working with the children and I especially enjoy Ellie’s beautifully themed parties, one of my favourites is the castle decorating parties, I was recently amazed by one little boys drawing … it was far superior to anything I could do!!! 




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