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5th Aug 2013


Hi everyone,

I have wanted to do a series of blogs on the Buttons team for some time and I’m finally getting around to it.


Team Buttons


To start off we have a little bit about me.




I started Buttons in June 2011 along side my day job as an events and sales wedding manger and after 7 month left to work solely on Buttons. Before then I had quite a few different jobs including events coordinator, LSA, party planner, shop assistant and I also work at a horse livery while at university. Each one has help me start and build Buttons and I’m so glad I did each one.

We now have 4 entertainers and 5 party assistances all trained by myself. I outsource some admin, have a great accountant and am delighted to say that Stevie now helps out in the office.

I love running Buttons and would not change it for anything. Each day is different and I never have time to be bored! A normal week will include one or two meetings, answering lots of calls and enquiry’s, planning party games, wrapping pass the parcels, creating decorations for a styling bookings, packing party bags, making sales calls and keeping on top of the marketing. I then of course have the parties and events at the weekends. So you would find me traveling all over Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and London dressing venues, playing party games or crafting. You can see more about how I got to hear on the Buttons it’s via think link.

At the moment I am working on Christmas (I know, but these things have to be done) and getting things slowly ready for a lovely two week holiday I am taking with Mark my husband at the end of the month. I have never been on holiday for two weeks before (eek) so there is quite a lot to in the office before hand. Stevie will be in answering the phones and replaying to emails as well as making sure the rest of the team have everything the need for the parties.

I have big plans for Buttons and am always looking for new members to join Team Buttons, I will talk about this a bit more at the end of the team series because up next week is Stevie 🙂




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  1. Lovely to hear about your background Ellie. Hope you can relax and enjoy your holiday – I’m sure you deserve it!!

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