Surprise box sensory play

6th Jun 2017


I have been filling up a show box with random things from around the house for Neive for a few months now and today i remembered to get some photos of her exploring them. I had a few bits from the kitchen, tube of smarties as she loves a shake and grabbed things out of the draws under the stairs (where all the things we don’t need or remember we have live).

She loves to have a rummage and then either throw them about, put them in her mouth or take items for a walk around the room.


The Baby Sensory group i used to go to did this which is what gave me the idea to carry on. I try and include items that have a new texture, smell or sound for Neive to explore. Mark has done one with dry pasta and she was fascinated by that so i think i will do an all food themed one next time.



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