Summer Sand Bucket List

28th Jul 2017


When I was a kid the 8 weeks I had off for summer seemed like an eternity. Now I can’t even seen to fit in a picnic before the summers out.

Not this year! I am making a list of all the family things I would like us to do, and of course that means it will all happen…. well if I do more than half I will be pleased.


  1. Lido – we have a few around us, Guildford and Aldershot so i need to get a few peeps together and get going.
  2. Fruit picking – I have only done this once for an anniversary date in 2013 with Mr Kelly and i would love to go with Neive as she is a BIG fan of strawberries and raspberries.
  3. The Zoo – Marwell would be our choice
  4. Aquarium – I have heard Sea Life in Brighton is good
  5. Festival – A one-day festival, I don’t have any of the weekends off that the big family festivals are on so we need to find a one day one that’s not too far.
  6. Farm – We might look for a new one but I think we will end up going back to Bocketts Farm for a day as we were impressed when we went for Neive party.
  7. Beach – we normally go to Mudeford or Avon so we need to plan this in for a day trip so Neive can feel the sand between her toes.
  8. A picnic in the park – this is a plan with friends every year and I don’t think we have manged it yet between work and the weather.


We went fruit picking before I even managed to publish this list! One done 🙂


Fruit Picking




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