Stevie’s Last Day

13th Mar 2015


Today is a sad and exciting day at Buttons. It’s Stevie’s last working day in the office ūüôĀ

Stevie has worked for me for 3 years now and was my first ever employee. I can so clearly remember the day I told her she was good enough to lead parties on her own. From that day on she has¬†ensured 100’s of children have had amazing birthdays and put smiles on 1000’s of little faces.

I could not have grown Buttons they way I have with out her. She has endless enthusiasm, is amazing with kids and has proved to be just as hard working and valuable in the office.

Stevie started working for me in the office two summers ago when I went to Australia.. We were talking about what I was going to do with the business over the 10 days and she offed to pop in and cover the emails and calls for me. For me that was a revolution in business. I wasn’t working and could totally relax but the company¬†was still¬†going to be¬†making money and clients still getting the help they need. From part time in the office to full time when she left uni in June last year it has been a joy to work with her.

I have a home office and I love it. Because of that anyone working for me also needs to slot in with the type of working life style this creates. It means putting up with my ever so over excitable dog each morning when you arrive and him sleeping on your feet under the desk. It means wearing slippers at work and watching loose women with lunch!

Stevie took to working from the home office with ease and I can not count the times I have smiled to myself with how she has slotted in and how lucky I am to have her working for me. Just yesterday I was on the phone to a client when she arrived and I could hear Milo barking to come in from the garden to say hello. She let him in, wiped his feet and got on with work.

Our kind words page on the website is full of thanks from clients to Stevie for making their child’s party so wonderful. Stevie is doing parties with Buttons for a few more months so don’t panic if your reading this and Stevie is booked for your child’s big bash.

She has been with me during some frustrating and fantastic times at Buttons and I will miss her dearly. We have spent hours sitting on the floor surrounded my 100’s Christmas presents and wrapping paper, made countless party bags, shivered in the garage packing boxes and spent hours in the sunshine at many of our events.

She has told me ‘Its all going to be fine, your doing well’ when I have been at my whit’s end and got excited with me when we landed a new client I really wanted.

I am so excited for Stevie and her new chapter and looking forward to the changes Buttons will see in the next few months.

We (me, Milo and the team) will miss you Stevie! xxx


Stevie last day Stevie last day




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