Star Wars Party

20th Feb 2013


What do you do when you have a birthday boy who loves Star Wars and a group of his friends who have come along to help him celebrate his 6th birthday?

You put them though Jedi Training Camp of course in order to get a Jedi Knight Certificate.

Today I was in Leatherhead for Finlay’s 6th birthday. I was also there for his 5th and it was so lovely to see him again, even more cool and lovely than last year. He is big Star Wars fan so I put together some Jedi training activities and challenges for the first section of the party.


So what did we get up to and did they pass the tests?

1.) The children were convinced they had the Force, so I put them to the test and asked them all to catch at least one bubble in there hands with out it popping. That’s impossible some said but i’m delighted to say they all did it. (my magic bubbles may have helped a bit, but shh don’t tell)

2.) Next was the balance challenge. After splitting the group into two the children had to, one by one balance an bean bag on there heads while holding a tennis ball in a spoon and walking around a course. We had a few bouncing balls and dropped bean bags but they all did very well and took the challenge very seriously with heads held high and still!

3.) Speed and agility was up next and the children in there two team had to stand side by side and get a hoola hoop from one end of the team to the other with out letting go of each others hand and each child has to pass though the hoop. Quite tough I know but I cant go handing out Jedi Knight Certificates willy nilly.

4.) The ultimate test for the children (and me). They had to one by one using my Lightsaber show me there fighting skills and I had to  try not to 1. get clobbered on the head and 2. look terrified. I’m glad to say we all came out the other side with fingers still attached.

After training camp it was time for party food and me to make everyone balloon lightsabers. We then played some party games and at the end I handed out everyone’s certificate with the Star Wars theme tune in the back ground. I am very proud to say they all passed with flying colours.


May the force be with you

May the force be with you

Certificates from Yvonne Byatt’s Family Fun Blog

I just received this email from the birthday boy’s mum.

“Hi Ellie, Thanks so much for our brilliant party today, it was lovely to see you again.
Everyone has said what a great time they and their kids had. It couldn’t have gone better 🙂
Thank you also for my party bag, what a lovely surprise!
I hope we will see you again next year.
Warmest wishes, Sally”

Now after all that fun I better get back to some emails.

I hope your all having a lovely Half Term!





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  1. Michael Smith says:

    Hi, Your above post about a Jedi Training Camp Party is just what my son is looking for and whilst your post is a few years old, I wondered if you still did these and what the cost would be? We are in Surrey, only a few miles from where you hosted this party in Leatherhead. Thanks.

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