Spy Themed Party

4th Mar 2013


Buttons had a lovely busy weekend.

I had two venue stylings on Saturday and one Angry Birds party, Stevie had a Decopatch party in the morning and then was entertaining at a website launch party in the afternoon. There will be more to come on those but today it’s all about my Spy themed party yesterday in Farnham.


Evie who was turning 7 has asked for a party with a Spy theme. After a call to buttons and chatting with her mum I sent over some ideas for games and crossed my fingers they would book. I was quite excited about some of the games and the little touches I could do to make the kids feel like real spy’s. So of course I was delighted when they did book and I started putting the final touches to the Spy Academy theme and sourcing fab certificates.

To start the party all the children had to sign in to the Spy Academy by providing there finger prints and then collecting there weapons.


Spy Party


Next was the laser beam challenge where each child had to prove there worth as a spy by getting though the laser beam web, while being shot at with water guns! then crawling though a tunnel and making it back to the safe house in one piece.


spy party


We then had a dance off to check the students coordination skills and some speed testing games. After all that training some refreshments were needed. The spy agents could not rest for long though, up next were the smartie race and disguise challenge.

After a fun filled party we had a graduation ceremony where all the children were all awarded with a Spy Academy Certificate and there guns to take home. With the James Bond theme tune in the back ground of course!

I was delighted with how it all went but the email I recvied from Evie’s mum this morning was the cherry on the cake.

“We all just wanted to extend a massive thank you for making Evie’s party so enjoyable and totally stress-free.  It was undoubtedly the most enjoyable party that Evie has had and I think that was down to your creativity and immaculate planning.  One of the things that we found most impressive was how you pitched it absolutely right for the age group; you did not talk down or patronise them at all and yet you were pleasantly authoritative and commanding all the way through.  Their engagement was phenomenal.  I’ve already had a few texts from parents of Evie’s friends who have said that they have continued the spy theme when they got home as well!”







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