Spring Oreo Pops

11th Mar 2015



spring oreo pops


Oreo’s covered in chocolate and sprinkles. There is nothing not to like here!

You need:

  • Oreos (normal size not the mini ones)
  • Chocolate of your choice. I used white choc and blue candy melt
  • Sprinkles and decorations of your choice
  • Lolly sticks or you could use straws
  • Baking paper

Spring Oreo Pops


I used a rolling pin to flatten down the ends of my lolly sticks so they would slide into the centre of the Oreo’s. I would advise laying your hand over the Oreo when you do this as they crack very easily.

I then melted my chocolate and poured it over each Oreo while they lay on the baking sheet. Don’t try and dip them in the chocolate as it doesn’t work very well! (you may have seen me eating the casualties on instagram)

Then decorated! Done 🙂 You can place in little cello bags and tie with ribbon for gifts or display them in a pot for a party table.


spring oreo pops Spring Oreo pops Spring Oreo pops


Let me know if you give these lovely looking spring treats a go in your house.


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