Simple Spooky Crafts

24th Oct 2012


I am a little sad to say that this year I will be away for Halloween, so no party for me on the big night which will be a bit weired. I will be celebrating my mums birthday with her in Anglesey for a few days though so it’s not all bad. I have never been there for Halloween before, I wonder if you get trick or treaters turning up in a field by the sea in North wales?! I will let you know.

Plus It’s my turn to host book club this month and although the book wasn’t anything to do with ghosts, gaols or witches I have deceived to theme the evening with all of the above!

Haha the ladies will be in for a surprise.

I pulled out my Halloween craft books yesterday and got making. So far I have some ghosts hanging from the lights in the living room, lots of bat bunting around the place and some pipe cleaner spiders lurking in things.



I am off to get ingredients for toffee apples and pumpkin pie and pick up some pumpkins for carving now. Book club is tomorrow night so I will let you know how it went on Friday!

Please do share with me what you up to for Halloween and if you have pic’s of your or your kids crafts send them to me at as I would love to feature some.




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