Spaceboy party bag

3rd Aug 2012


This blog post is sponsored by the lovely Rex London who sent me these really cute items to take a look at.


Are boys harder to buy for?

For men that would be a big fat yes! But as I don’t have children yet I can only think about this is terms of parties. I have read a few blogs and articles in the last few months that suggest they are though. Iv heard that it’s harder to find really nice clothes for little boys and that there is not the same high quality of choice out there as you can find girls. Do you agree with this?

In terms of parties there are lots of great themes for boys. A few of the most popular: Pirates, Knights, Dinosaurs, Football, Superheros, Bugs & Insects and Space. I can find some great party bits to meet most of these themes, although I have found that the industry is awash with Pirate party wear and the other great themes are a bit behind.

I only use themed party wear when the design is really good, there are some truly horrible designs out there, however the quality is on the up. The bright and tacky looking cartoon plates and cups seem to be on the out and in there place are some really lovely design lead itmes. I am going to do a blog on some of my favorite party designs soon, but today I wanted to share some really sweet ideas for  boys party bags and take home gifts. If you have found it hard to get really nice party bag bits for boys then fear no more:

Spaceboy to the rescue!




I would suggest a mix and match. The lunch bag is so nice, so if you wanted to give this all you need to add inside would be some party cake and sweets. You could also divide up the stars between the children, there are 30 so everyone could get two stars each and this will only cost 33p per child. Or you could buy  blue paper party bags and add in the pen, some stars and the mini Jigsaw for around £4 each.



Plasters may seem like a strange choice for a party bag but I love them. So much better than silly plastic toys that get left in the car on the way home and never see the light of day from down the back of the seat.



Have a great weekend everyone

Ellie 🙂



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  1. Emma says:

    I have to say I think the clothes selection for boys is great (except for the monster/monkey comments – why do boy have to be these?) you just have to find the right shops! As for your party bags, what great ideas, I love the plasters but in my house they would probably be used in a ‘wackaday’ style before any injuries were given the chance to be covered!

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