Snowdon in Red Pants – Oh yes

1st Mar 2013


Tomorrow the lovely Team Honk or Mummy Barrow aka T, Mammasaurus aka Annie and Penny from the Alexander Residence as they are known individually are off to Snowdon to raise some money for Red Nose Day.

I blogged about Team Honk and there trip to Ghana here . It seems that trip set of a spark and they have set them selves more challenges in order to raise money to help projects just as the ones they visited on their trip.

I was sooo excited when I saw a tweet about their Snowdon climb as this has been on my to do list for ages. I was then soo gutted when I found out it’s tomorrow as I was already chocka with parties and wouldn’t be able to join them. Mind you, it has got me out of the red pants over my trousers look which they are all going to be sporting.


Oh yes with red pants and all

Oh yes with red pants and all

Photo from MummyBarrow


The last time I climbed Snowdon was when I was around 4 or 5 I think. My parents have a chalet on Anglesey so I pretty much grew up there and my family are BIG walkers. My nick name however was Clingon, from around 4 years to 12, not such a big walking fan.

My poor brother had to carry me when I was little as I whinged so much and I think my mums favorite line was it’s just around the corner”. For Snowdon through they had a plan. Both me and my brother had empty tictac box’s and our challenge was to get to the top so we could collect some clouds in them to bring home. Excited, oh yes. That excitement got me about half way up. Then my little legs got tired and the whinging began. Thank goodness around the same time two old ladies stopped to tell me how amazed they were that with my little legs I was climbing Snowdon, what a lovely little girl and well done to me. My mum tells me I was ever so gracious about their comments, haha. I think I said something like “oh yes it’s a long way and I only have little legs but I can do it as I’m good at walking up hills”. Off I stomped and didn’t stop till the top!


The best of luck to everyone who is climbing tomorrow and don’t forget your tictac box’s!

If you would like to sponsor Team Honk follow this link, I know they would be very grateful indeed.


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