Shhhhh it’s a secret

30th Jan 2013



Buttons has been booked to host a Spy theme party in March and I’m a tad excited about! I have some fab ideas for games that I will blog about after the party with some pics hopefully.

While I was jotting down ideas it did remind me of a blog I have been meaning to do for ages. I have a children’s book on science projects and  I was looking though it over Christmas and came across this experiment.

Secret letter writing with lemon juice. I think I have known about this at some strange in my life as it rings a bell but I thought I would give it a go for you guys and show you the results.

Making the secret note is pretty simple, squeeze the juice of a lemon in a cup and dip a cotton bub in and use this to wright with.

Making the ‘invisable’ ink turn visible can be a bit harder. I tried mine under and light bulb as the book suggested but no joy. I then called my mum who used to be a science teacher and she said that it should work but the heat source needs to be hot.

I tied again, no joy. Time to call out the big guns! I got the iron out and this was better. It does take awhile and just be careful you don’t over do it and set the paper alight!


Step by Step

Squeeze lemonuse a cotton bud to dip in to the juice and wright withlet it dryuse a hot iron or bulb to heat the paperwatch the writing appearit’s as easy as that.


Invisable ink Kids spy party







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