Sensory Hoop DIY

19th May 2017


When Neive was around 3 months old i wanted to make her a sensory toy to play with. We had been going to Baby Sensory class for a few weeks so i had a few ideas of what type of thing she would like to grab and look at.

After a little time on pinterest i decided on a Sensory hoop, I have a few Hula Hoops for work and a draw full of ribbon. I went on the hunt around the house for more things that i could use and came up with the below list.

  • Ribbon of all different colors, textures and thicknesses.
  • Bubble wrap
  • Some wooden Christmas decorations
  • Bits of round material I tied up

Firstly i cleaned the hoop with anti bac wipes and then i tied bits of ribbon to the hoop so they hung off and wrapped some around the hoop. I used sellotape for the bubbles wrap. I knew i wasn’t going to leave her with this on her own so although i did my best to make everything really secure i wasnt to worried about the knots and tape.

I held the hoop over her head while she lay on the floor and she would follow the ribbons with her eyes when i moved tit around, she then began to grab for them and i used to do tummy time with her in the middle on the hoop, she would love feeling all the textures of the bubble wrap and bits of material as well as grabbing at the decorations.

I later discovered the hoop sat perfectly on top of her octopus mat so i didn’t always need to hold it up for her (bonus!).

I used this with her from around 3 months to 5. Some pic’s below of the hoop, I cant find any of Neive in it which is such as same. I really need to organise the 1000’s of baby pic’s i have.



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