Science Party

23rd Mar 2018


I’m posting this party just a little late, and I’m going to totaly blame Neive.

My party company Buttons does a pretty cool Science party with dry Ice and slime. After chatting with Jo from the Pretty Little Party Shop it sounded just what her daughter was looking for. So Sarah from the team did the entertainment and Jo did all the themeing and made the house look amazing!

I would have loved to have been at the party myself but, (this is where i blame Neive for not posting the pic’s sooner) I had a 9 day old baby at the time. I rember Jo sending me the photos but then … well Nevie is now 21 months.

Any way. Sarah had a blast and Jo’s daughter said it was the best party ever. Win Win Win.

Sarah started with the touchable bubbles and then there was a dry ice show inc bubbles bombs, screamming metal, tube foam and making smoke signals.


And to finish of the science they child all made oobleck slime and exploded some coke in the garden with metoes.



I am so delighted to be sharing this party with you, even if a little late.

You can take a look at the Pretty Little Party Shop and all there amazing party bits here

Ellie x



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