School if Icing at the Biscuiteers shop

16th Oct 2013


What a lovely morning I had at the Bisciteers shop in London.

Very relaxing and I cant wait to make some biscuits at home now and have another go! I see a new party in the works!


Biscuiteers workshopBiscuiteers icing school






2 Responses to “School if Icing at the Biscuiteers shop”

  1. Very impressive – you certainly have the knack! I struggle getting my royal icing just so – solid enough not to run straight off the biscuit and bleed the outlines and not too stodgy that can’t pipe with it 😉

    • elliekelly says:

      It was a lovely day, I haven’t tried doing it at home on my own yet!
      We put the biscuits in the oven after we flooded them which I didn’t realise was part of the process. I think this helps set them fast so you can add the detail.

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