Santa’s Stuck

14th Dec 2012


Happy 14th December everyone šŸ™‚

Again this was a find at the Country Living show in November and I have been looking forward to making it for ages. A Chocolate Biscuit Mini House Kit called Santa’s Stuck by Village Workshop. I am not a big fan of ginger bread and I don’t have theĀ patience to make one of these from scratch so was really excited to fine a little kit.

Me and Mr Kelly finally got around to it last night and we (I) made a bit of a mess (covered the table) with theĀ icing sugar. I am happy enough with the result but I have a feeling if being marked, it would read could have done better. I think I made the icing a bit to watery so everything was slipping and sliding all over the place to start with.


Ginger bread house


All the bits came in a box and all you had to do was mix water with the icing powder, pop it back in the bag and snip the end off to create your gluing tool. If you have something else to use to ice with I would recommend using it however, as the bag kept opening and icing dripped everywhere



Chocolate Biscuit Christmas House


Now all that’s left is to eat it I guess!


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