royal party games for kids

16th May 2018


The weather looks to be lovely for this weekend in Windsor. Let hope it stays that way for the Bride and Groom and the thousands of people expected to line the streets to help them celebrate.

I love any reason for a celebration and party and will be having a little royal celebration of our own at my parents’ house. They live pretty close to Windsor, but we will not be braving the crowns!

Instead my mum is planning a fab royal themed afternoon tea and I’m getting some crafts together for Neive to do throughout the day.

Any of course there will be bunting and flags!!

If you are planning a party on Saturday here are some fab party game ideas.


Castle decorating: 

This is one of my favourite crafts and soo perfect for a royal party. Get a flat pack castle from Kid Eco and not only will they have tons of fun decorating it both inside and out but they will have their own castle to play in all afternoon!


Pass the Crown:

When the music in on pass the children pass the crown around the circle and when it stops the child holding the crown gets to put it on and go into the middle and get a prize from inside the princess bag. Party Delights have some fab crowns.

Shields & Tiaras: 

These fab card crafts from Baker Ross are another great craft project for the big day that the children will love decorating but will also inspire some fab role play.


Ring Realy Race: 

The prince has forgotten the wedding rings! Set up a course in the garden and get once you have the children in two teams spread them out around the course. The aim is to pass the ring from one person to the next until they arrive at the church for the ceremony. Why not give the a character as well? So the first to run are knights on horseback, then they hand the rings over to the best men who are in planes and must fly there section of the course, next the royal corgis take the rings and woof to the queen who does a royal wave all the way to the church.

Have a fantastic day!


Ellie x



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