Push up Pops – the new Cake Pops?

19th Sep 2012


Have you heard of Push up Pops?

I posted a blog last week on the Book Candy Making for kids by Courtney Dial Whitmore. Well this is her latest book and her twitter and facebook feeds are where I head about Push up Pops, although I have no idea where they started.

They look amazing and there are so many different recipes in this book. From Dreamy Chocoholic to Limincello Delights,  and Key Lime Pie to Frozen Strawberry Lemonade.

I thought I would give the Strawberry Shortcake recipe a go.

Again Courney has me mixing ingredients I never new went together and creating something I would never have dreamt up in a million years. This recipe calls for a standard cake mixture to be spread in a jelly roll baking pan (swish roll tray to us Brits) and then a  mixture of cream cheese, eggs, icing sugar, and butter to be poured on top, before going in the oven. Weird hu!

Well let me tell you know, its flipping amazing! I actually feel rather sick now as I kept eating the bonus bakes. *Bonus bakes are all the bits you can eat while baking. These include bits that fall off, are left over in the bowl or as with this recipe are ‘scrap’.

These were the scrap bits, fear not I did not eat them all! This is quite a sweet cake but mixed with the cream and strawberries I think the balance is perfect.


Bonus bake bits


And these, my lovely blog readers are the final maser piece. I am so happy with them, how cute do they look! There are tons of fab ways to display them for parties as well as using tags & ribbons to tie them in with the party theme.


Push up Pops


I am very excited to test them out on hubby when he gets in and the little girl next door when she gets back from school.

So do I think they could be the new Cake Pops? Yes, yes, yes.  What do you think you would prefer?

You can get the book hear or from Pizzazzerie Courtney’s website.

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One Response to “Push up Pops – the new Cake Pops?”

  1. Emma says:

    They look great, where did you get the holders from or did you have to eat lots of ice-creams first?!

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