Princess Sweetie Table

29th Apr 2013


Hello everyone and happy Monday.

So yesterday we had a princess castle party with princess sweetie table in Wokingham for the lovely Florence’s 5th birthday. As you would expect there was quite a lot of pink and quite a few hearts.

If you haven’t seen one of our crafty princess castle parties before take a look here. They are truly special.

And below are some photo’s of the sweetie table. I was really pleased with the ribbon princess frame in the centre and the jewellery stand with sweetie necklaces and rings. As much as I would love to say I was the first person to do it, I’m sure an edible jewellery stand has been done before somewhere by someone. I have never seen it though so for me it’s an original Ellie Kelly brain wave that looked fantastic and the children went mad for.


Princess Sweetie Table

Princess Sweetie Table

Princess Sweetie Table

Princess Sweetie Table

Princess Sweetie Table


For more information on our Sweetie tables just pop over to the Buttons website now or give me a call on 07743896987.


P.S Don’t forget to vote for Buttons as Best Children’s Party Entertainment in the What’s on 4 awards.

Just follow this link   and we are in the 4th category from the bottom.

Thank you!

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