Princess Party

19th Nov 2013


Hello everyone,

It’s a busy time of year at Buttons HQ. We have 7 fab parties over the weekend and one lovey princess party with table dressing in Ascot.

I purchased a new back drop a few weeks ago and have been very excited about trying it out. A free standing back drop system has been on my wish list for ages but it took a while to find just what I was after. I needed it for some big Christmas parties we have coming up in December but when I went to see my client in Ascot a few weeks ago I came straight back to the office and ordered one.

The family have just moved in to their lovely new home and the freshly painted white walls would not have taken kindly to any tape or tac so the back drop was the  perfect answer to create a lovely feature in the room.

We had one table set up for a lovely party tea and one for princess crafts with the back drop in the centre to create a lovely feature wall. We have lots of different colour drapes and for this party added ivy and rose lights.


Princess backdrop

Princess backdrop

Princess party table

Princess party table

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