Princess Castle Craft Party

28th Jan 2013

Princess & Knights Party


I love this craft party.

A giant castle, pens, glitter, stick on gems and paint. What isn’t there to love?

Myself and Stevie headed up to London a few weeks ago for a lovely little girls 4th Princess & knight themes birthday party. It was an early start as we have to be there at 9am to start setting up. The Venue was The Commander Bar on Westbourne Grove near the family’s home in Notting Hill and it was a great venue (- the lack of parking, but it is London). We were in the Gallery room and the family had hired the adjoining Library for the parents to relax.

The castle comes to me flat and for the four turret castle it take us around 45 minuets to get it the floor covers down and the castle up. It’s really easy to make but I do always get stuck in the middle while adding the last door in. A graceful climb out follows.

You should see the children’s faces when they arrive, they are all strait in crawling around and popping out in the middle to say hello. I have done this craft party quite a few times now and its a bit hit.


Princess Craft Party


Of course this isn’t what it looks like at the end of the party.

This is the end result form one of my other castle parties after lots of creative decorating. I know these birthday girls had the castle in there play room for nearly a year after this party as I have just been back to see them for there 5th birthday.


Card Princess Castle


As well as Castles I also offer this craft party with rockets, play houses, igloos and teepee’s!

If you think your child would like a craft party this year this is a fab option. Buttons supplies all the crafting materials, covers for the floor, aprons and has a tried and tested time schedule for each element of the decorating so you can relax and enjoy the fun.

Give me a call or pop me an email for more information.



3 Responses to “Princess Castle Craft Party”

  1. Shawna says:

    I am having a princess party for my daughter in December. Where do I find this castle?

  2. This looks fantastic, such an epic scale, bet they loved it!

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