Pirate party cake

22nd Jun 2012


I have had the urge to bake a cake for weeks now, I did make one funny Victoria sponge last week but I’m not so sure that it isn’t a crime against cakes to even call it that.

So on Wednesday I was feeling a bit creative and pulled out a children party cake book for some inspiration. I’m lucky that my job involves having a house and garage full of craft and baking bits, so I had pretty much all I needed for the design I picked. Not so lucky they we spend our lives stepping around box’s that keep moving from one area to the next but it all good exsercise.


So this is what I had to make my cake with.





What did you pick I hear you cry!

Well I went for a Pirate ship cake because although it looked like a bit of a challenge it also looked doable. After I started making the sponge I had flash backs of the cake that I made with a friend for a collogues leaving do. Not good! To say we coved it in sweets to hide the car crash of sponge and icing would be an understatement.

Anyhow, after making two sponges in a long tin I mixed up some blue icing. By that I mean I added blue food colouring to some pre made icing. While I love making sponge I’m not so fussed about icing. Used some wood skewers to keep the bits together and covered the ship with icing before decorating. Thanks to Mr K for the sails and oars.


And this was the end result. It tasted good



Pirate Cake

Pirate party cake



2 Responses to “Pirate party cake”

  1. Karen & fred says:

    We just want to tell everyone how absolutely brilliant Ellie was at entertaining our grandchildren (aged 3 to 8) at our daughter’s wedding. She kept them completely occupied with such fun whilst the adults were enjoying the wedding breakfast! They are still talking about it a week later. Three cheers for Ellie!! Thank you so much xxx

    • elliekelly says:

      Hello Karen & Fred,
      Thank you so much for your lovely feedback 🙂
      The children were great fun and it goes down as one of my top 10 parties to date.

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