Pink, Yellow and Blue

19th Mar 2014



We had a party at a lovely home in Windsor a few weeks ago. They had their own amazing barn that makes the perfect party room and the colour pallet chosen by the birthday mum was Pink, Yellow and Blue. I am now completely in love with this combination. It reminds me of the ice cream party we hosted last year and I cant wait till summer when I can use this mix again.

It tuned out to the be the first really sunny and warm day in the warm spell we have been enjoying so we got to make use of the garden out side the barn for bubbles as the children arrived.

We then had party crafts inside including Sand art and Scratch photos frames before party food in the pool house and tons of great team games like the smartie race, hoola hoop challenge, film game, strawberry lace race and mummy wrap.

The party ended with the children filling candy bags full of yummy treats and collecting their fantastic party bags filled with goodies and crafts.


2014-03-19_004 2014-03-19_0032014-03-19_002 2014-03-19_001


We had a great time at this party, the set up in such an amazing venue was lovely and the kids were so full of fun. We got some great feedback form the birthday mum as well so all in all a great day!

“Many thanks to you and the girls for a great party yesterday – all enjoyed by all and of course the weather gave it a boost too!
It was a pleasure having you organize Jessica’s party so wishing you all our best and see you soon!!”
Sarah Pidgley – Windsor



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