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17th Sep 2012


I get asked for my advise on party food quite a lot, I am not a baking expert or any type of children’s food dietitian but I do see A LOT of party food spreads and have a good idea of what works.

I thought I would share some ideas with you.

Savory classic options:

Sandwiches, sausage rolls, crisps, carrot and pepper batons with hummus, baby tomatoes, pizza, mini sausages, bread sticks and baby bells.

Dessert ideas:

Strawberries, grapes, party rings, chocolate fingers, fairy cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, yogurt, jelly and ice cream




– Mums, don’t over do it, children do not tend to eat much at parties. I tend to see lots of sandwiches go to waste at parties so work on the basis they will eat two triangles (half a sandwich each) and then make just a few extra and you should be fine.

– The pizza can be hot or cold as can the sausages rolls and mini sausages.

– It’s always good to add in some healthy options like carrot sticks, tomatoes and fruit. I am always surprised how many kids dive for these options first.


Healthy party food

Annie Eats website


– If your worried about time go for the easy option and don’t feel bad about it! Remember you wont want to be serving up food on the day so go for things the kids can help themselves to.

– These can all be served on platters and plates on the party table so the kids can help them selves

– You could serve it all in party boxes so each child has a little of everything and once these are done and given out, it job done!

– You could have a food table and the children will line up and pick what they would like. I do say if you are going to do this the mums will need to help and the table should not to be tall. It does look really nice though.

– Serve the savory bits first and then the sweet items. If you put it all out at once guess what will and wont get eaten!


Rainbow Jelly from Glorious Treats

Glorious treats website


You don’t have to stick to the classic party tea options however. Some other things I have seen work well are hot dogs, pizza, burgers, and BBQ’s. With these options I would suggest that you have a vegetarian back up and sill have some crisps and veg sticks on the side as not all the children may like the main event. I have even seen lasagna served at a party once but I must say I think you have to have a good idea of who the kids are and what they like to do this.

If the thought of catering for the party as well as doing everything else you need to do on the day sends shiver down your spine then fear not. There are some great children’s catering companies out there and more emerging each time I look.

One I would recommend to you is Hats and Bells, based in London, but they do travel. Hats and Bells is the first company that I ever knew about that solely built there business around providing yummy, healthy and great looking children’s party food. The owner are lovely and the options are perfect for parties.



6 Responses to “Party Food”

  1. Norman says:

    Amazing, isn’t it, the difference presentation makes regarding healthy food and children! Those fruit sticks look fantastic.

  2. Diana D says:

    I did a party for my daughter a few years back where they decorated their own pizzas. Each child was supplied with a mini pizza on a paper plate. In the middle of the table there were bowls of grated cheese ( 2 colors) diced red green and yellow peppers, olives, tuna, onions (purple and yellow), slices of sausages, and chopped up ham, salami, and so on, sweet corn, and so on. They spent ages decorating their pizzas, and then went out to run around in the garden while they baked, Once they’d eaten their creations ,followed by cake and icecream, it was time to go home! There was no food wasted at all, as they all made what they liked, and the chopped up leftovers went into a big salad for our dinner . I was wondering if I’d done enough, but the kids loved it and told their parents all about it. My own children talked about it for days and wanted to do it again. Lesson learned by me? Sometimes simple is best 🙂

    • elliekelly says:

      Hi Diana, Thank you for sharing your party with us. It sounds like they had a super time!
      Kids love to eat thing they have created don’t they.

  3. Mike says:

    Hi, what’s that your serving with the carrot / celery sticks?

    • elliekelly says:

      Hiya, there is a link under the photo to the site I got the image from. I’m not sure what it is I’m afraid but hummus or chive dip are both popular options for kids parties. Ellie 🙂

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