Party balloons – a thing of the past !?

24th Sep 2012


Sad times for the humble party balloon

Did you know by 2020 there may be no Helium available for the party industry! Due to global shortages and the fact that the medial, science and technology sectors all have a high demand there will come a day when the party balloon will be no more.


Image from – More Deisgn Please

With new stylish designs and uses, my love for balloons has grown in the last few years and it seems unreal that one day there will be no such thing. For the time being we do have them, but it seems the cost is on the up. Now 60% of the cost of the party balloon is made up from the Helium alone.

My husbands family was over from Ireland on the weekends and while in town my niece caught sight of a Minnie the mouse balloon and fell in love. Even though it could not go back on the plane her mum though it so cute she got it for her for the weekend. She was however a bit taken aback to find out it was nearly £9.

It was to late by this point to change her mind so Marcy got her balloon for the weekend and now I have it keeping me company in the office. Just think if it’s £9 now what will it be in just two/five years time.

We have a local shop in Fleet called Rainbow Cake & Party Shop and the owner Nels Weston was quoted in the Inderpendent on the 26th August as saying “No party can be the same without a balloon” To wright I say!


Image from – Cafemom

I will appreciate how fab balloons are all the more now.



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